UTA Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Monday 1st October 2012

This was held on 19th
June 2012 at the Golf Course Hotel, Kampala. 


V.Vadera retained the position of Chairmanship by a unanimous decision.

Billy Singh was elected Vice Chairman replacing Mr. Samson Agasa who had been Vice
Chairman for the previous two years.

his report the Chairman informed the meeting that Uganda tea

production during 2011 was 56 million kgs, a drop of 5.4% compared to 2010. The
corresponding exports dropped by almost 10%. The decline in production was
attributed to adverse weather effects during the year.  Also high prices of inputs like fertilizers, labor
and fuels partly contributed to the fall.


Monday 1st October 2012

Edward Mudibo the new EATTA MD who replaced
Dr. Kipkirui Arap Langa’nt
was in the country from 22nd to 25th   May 2012. During his stay he traveled to Fort Portal
where he opened the “Awareness and Audit training course”.  While in Fort Portal
he Visited Mwenge Tea Estate of M/S Mcleod Russel (U) Ltd and Mpanga G.T.F.


While in Kampala he met the Hon Minister of Agriculture, Animal
Industry and Fisheries at Entebbe.  He also visited the UTA Office where he was
met by the Chairman Mr. Vadera and Members;  Mr. Lawrence Ssegujja, Mr. Timothy Kabaza and
the Executive Secretary Mr. Ssekitoleko. A number of issues were discussed notably
the EATTA Strategic Plan 2012-2016.


Monday 1st October 2012

following were negotiated between Uganda
Tea Association and the workers Union (National Union of Plantation
and Agricultural Workers Uganda

i)  The Agreement of Terms and Conditions of

This was concluded
and signed during the Month of May 2012. 
This is a two years agreement beginning on the day of signing.

ii) The Salaries and Wages Negotiations

This was
concluded and signed during the month of June 2012.

the end of the negotiation the following was a Press release:


Uganda Tea


National Union of Plantation
& Agricultural Workers - Uganda 


Tea Association (UTA) and National Union of Plantation and Agricultural Workers
(NUPAWU) are pleased to announce the signing of the 2012/2013 Salary/Wages
increase for the Ugandan tea industry workers. The Agreement was signed at the
Golf Course Hotel on Wednesday, 20th June, 2012 by the Executive
Secretary of the Uganda Tea Association, Mr. George Ssekitoleko and the General
Secretary, Hon. Bruno Pajobo, representing the National Union of Plantation and
Agricultural Workers (Uganda).

Uganda Tea Association is a voluntary
Organization formed by the tea growers, manufacturers, exporters and packers in
National Union of Plantation and Agricultural Workers is a sole Trade Union
organization representing Workers in the Tea Industry and affiliated to the
National Organization of Trade Unions (NOTU).

The negotiation and subsequent
increase was based on the principle of the Enterprise Level Bargaining
Agreement (ELBA) to examine the productivity and pricing of tea in the world
market and also to see to it that the welfare of workers is improved in a fair
and equitable manner. The importance of this year’s agreement is that the
workers will continue to be rewarded based on measurable productivity
parameters that drive profitability in an enterprise.

NUPAWU and UTA are hopeful that the
improvement and regular reward of employees through ELBA will improve the
productivity and quality of tea in Uganda and will also improve the
earnings of both the employers and the employees.

UTA and NUPAWU request the Government
of Uganda to consider expediting the reconstruction of the bridge that links
Kanungu where tea is produced and Rukungiri District. We further request the
Government to consider subsidizing cost of inputs like fertilizers that impact
heavily on tea production costs which otherwise are making Uganda uncompetitive in the world

We would like to thank the Joint
Industrial Council Members (JIC) and Workers for being exemplary during the
period of negotiation.

Hon. Joram Pajobo                                                              

General Secretary – NUPAWU 


Mr. George Ssekitoleko,   

Executive Secretary,

Tea Association 

20th June, 2012


Current Tea Prices

Mombasa Auction Tea prices sale 20 average 177. Download report here.