EATTA Strategic Plan 2012-2016

Monday 1st October 2012

EATTA developed a
Strategic Review Plan Framework indicating the needed structural changes to
benefit the 175 members of EATTA. During the year 2012 the document was
circulated to all members calling for their comments on the proposed way

The plan focused on
the following six themes:

  1. Tea auction management.
  2. Advocacy, lobbying and legislative
  3.  Membership focus.
  4. Resource mobilization. 
  5.  Human resources.
  6. Governance
    and structure.

The theme that attracted wide attention

among the Uganda
Tea Association (UTA) members was the tea auction management.

After wide consultation, the vast
majority of UTA members rejected the introduction of the e-auction system at Mombasa auction market
giving some of the reasons against the system as:

  • A not so well developed
    IT system in the country
  • Continuously power
  • Likely
    loss of negotiation advantage of face to face etc